Whether you feel that you have a true calling but are having trouble manifesting it despite your efforts, find yourself running into similar challenging interpersonal dynamics or need assistance clearly communicating your ideas…

I understand the frustration that comes along with all of this as I have been through similar challenges

This can be even more overwhelming when we know we have the right intention and feel we have made a commitment to giving our best


I am Dr. Rob Hershorn, PhD, a workplace culture facilitator providing authentic leadership and teambuilding skills to organizations and individuals alike. I transform interpersonal dynamics from conflict to resolution through soft skill and awareness techniques. My work has improved the working relationships for HR and Project Management professionals within private and public organizations.

Who are you?

Professionals who know that work/life can be more inclusive and co-creative. You are inspired to leave behind working environments dominated by command and control so that you can professionally and personally thrive within a less guarded, more dynamic and fulfilling workplace culture.

With commitment we can all discover renewed energy and motivation that reconnects us to more fulfilling work/life purpose. As this commitment deepens, we realizes that these parts of our daily lives are interwove, not separate.

We no longer have to find ourselves anywhere within current trends that indicate that, “more than 65% of workplace performance problems result from strained relationships between employees” (Drake Beam Morin, 2000 ©) We can equally rise above personal challenges and bring a renewed quality to our social experiences.

You can reach me: 604-657-6971

Living in beautiful British Columbia, I discovered my passion for hiking and kayaking and the balance provided through the natural environment. Being in nature grounds me and allows me to recharge my batteries. I am still amazed at how I feel within the splendour of old growth forest or being surrounded by enormous snowcapped mountains. I often notice that even in spaces where natural or man-made environmental damage reduces some of nature’s original beauty, the BC rainforest seemed to find a way to replenish itself very quickly.

Life had indeed found a way! It occurred to me that this was a valuable metaphor for us all. We have the capacity to let go of, truly dissolve parts of ourselves that are no longer needed when we realize the value of moving in a new direction. The replenishment of nature in the forest reflects our potential – our own natural state. At our best we can truly transcend old patterns and be more in the flow of life at home and at work. We can rise above a “fighting energy” which attempts to force life dynamics and bring us into conflict with others toward a more fluid way of being where we see and live anew. Conflict can be an opportunity not an obstacle for change.

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