Embracing Difficult Conversations

Embracing Difficult Conversations

Course Description:

Some words are better left unsaid, while others have the power to influence, motivate and lead organizational change. Choosing words wisely is foundational to your ability to impact those around you (even more so are your actions). Be perceptive of your surroundings with a session focused on composure, compassion and confidence leading your organizational esteem in the face of adversity. This course helps seasoned and emerging leaders deepen their conversational self-awareness to engage more effectively with colleagues and clients.
Ideal for managers who wish to shift organizational focus and motivate; and employees who need some help to negotiate salary, a promotion or position with colleagues.

You will learn:
To be Effective, Composed, Confident and in Control of your Communication at Work
Vocabulary to Impress, to Avoid and to Influence
The Hidden Context of Body Language- Including Tone and Visual Interaction
Emotional Intelligence and Deciphering Other’s Behaviour
Interactive Skills with Real Life Situations, Including Your Own
Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you did and who you are, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Content Overview
1) Listening to Ourselves and Listening to Other for Effective Communication
2) The Power of Intention: Engaging Purposefully

Afternoon Breakthrough
3) Emotional Intelligence in Real Life Scenarios
4) Body Language Mastery