Open Door Active Listening

One Day Session

Course Description

Listening is an art that can be learned. It is very different than hearing. When we actively listen, we go beyond simply hearing what someone said and instead become clear of the speaker’s genuine intentions. We gain insight into multiple perspectives leading to effective decision making. Listening is a precursor to creativity and collaboration and therefore a result oriented skill. (ideal for staff/managers)

You will learn:

– Consistently Show Up As Your Authentic Self

– Learn To Be Present And Focused

– Stop Patterns Of Listening Selectively

– Clearer Understanding Of  Colleagues For Effective Collaboration

– Be More Fulfilled At Work

Content Overview

Morning Session

1)  An Inquiry into my Listening

2)  What are the Foundations of Active Listening

Afternoon Dynamic Integration and Application

3) Practice Active Listening

4) Commitment to Expanding Listening Capacity