Purpose Driven Leadership

Course Description
Your team needs more than a motivational poster for workplace culture to thrive. This session, ideal for managers and executives, explores the power relationship between you and your employees and breaks down the core skillsets used to empower working relationships. Discover the subtleties of management styles, the real metrics for productivity and the soft skills to enhance working relationships. In this session you’ll craft an engaging vision to lead your employees into a purpose driven workplace culture.
One Day Session (One to Two Day Options)
You will learn:
Discover: The Power of Emotion (EI)
Soft Skills and Impactful Communication
Revisit Time Management and Productivity

Content Overview
Morning Session
1) Breaking through Power and Miscommunication
2) Becoming Inclusive and Communicate Effectively


Afternoon Action Breakout!
3) Understanding and Applying Mindfulness Works: Strategies and
4) Embracing Accountability: Steps Toward Mindfulness Mastery