T Factor Team Building

Course Description

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and lifetime to repair. This essential element to human relationships is delicate yet pivotal to the foundation of your workplace. Learn how to earn the trust of your colleagues to achieve your goals through the most human lens. Employees and managers alike will leave with a new perspective of the workplace to build corporate culture and a path to productive team building. You might even have some fun.

You will learn:
Improvization Techniques to Stimulate Creativity and Team Bonding
Self-Awareness – Enhancing Team Dynamics for Higher Goal Setting
Open Communication Styles for Workplace Harmony
Working with Purpose – Beyond the Ordinary Workday

Content Overview

Morning Session
1) How Improvization Techniques Can Help us Creatively Rethink Teams
2) Deepening Awareness of the Self = Enhancing Awareness of Team Members
Afternoon Integration!
3) Building Trust through Uncovering Team Member Needs in Every Moment (using Non-Violent Communication)
4) Deep Breathing Debrief: Everyday Workplace Purpose